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Too often companies struggle to acquire the visibility they need to be able to pull the right levers in order to grow the business, leaving them with ineffective processes and disappointing results. AK clients are left with campaigns on auto-pilot and the visibility they need to monitor its performance to keep it alive forever. Regardless if your contract is a project or an on-going, fractional role, Amy integrates into your team with constant communication, weekly team meetings, pipeline review calls and on-going reporting. Amy constantly reminds her teams that AK success is measured by how many at-bats we give our sales team - and ultimately, new customer wins.

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Whether you need to build, tweak or overhaul your top of the funnel process, AK tackles this phase immediately as phase 1. This includes dashboards that offer crystal clear visibility into what campaigns are working, if our messaging is resonating with our ideal customer profile, and the functionality health of the lead gen program. After strategizing with you on the program’s best fit for your company, Amy and her team will launch campaigns right away – typically within the first three weeks. In phase 2, Everything is measurable – if it doesn’t work right out of the gate – don’t worry, the configuration is very agile and we can pivot and pivot and pivot till we see the results we’re looking for. Believe us, it works – just ask Codefi 🙂 Now that we’ve nailed down the right strategy, the right cadence and the right targets, it’s time to automate all our learnings from phase 2 for on-going success. Phase 3 is the fuel to the campaign fire we just built – and will be your autopilot program post-AK. Your team will be trained to keep the program alive and operating long after Amy and her team are finished.