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We operate as an extension of your sales team – our goal is to only convert highly qualified opportunities that meet both of our standards. You’re investing in a proven process and full-service program that will predictably grow your pipeline, while simultaneously providing data intelligence, resulting in an improved go-to-market strategy based on real data and conversations. We recruit and train our reps to follow the Customer Centric sales methodology and align our coverage intelligently based on where you need to scale. Follow us on Twitter: @QualMeetings Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/qualifiedmeetings2352


Through our 23/52 Program in a Box, you get access to our proven method of creating pipeline and managing your team to drive results. We design the program, train your management team how to manage it and provide regular audits, coaching and training to ensure success.

Through our Custom Inside Sales and Sales Development Programs, we set up an effective and scaleable sales systems for your business. We design the program, provide the team, and manage the entire process for you.

Through our Sales Consulting, we turn your team into rockstar reps by diagnosing your challenges, building a playbook and process, and leaving you with a handbook and key metrics to execute against.

Through our Sales Recruiting services, we use our experience working in sales and building high-performing teams to quickly and accurately identify SDRs who will make the biggest impact on a sales team.