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The Door Opener® Service - We secure initial meetings for you with executive-level prospect decision-makers. Often we’re called in when: · Internal sales teams need help filling the pipeline with new opportunities · Inbound marketing and email initiatives need to deliver meetings with higher-level decision-makers · There’s a need to figure out the right recipe to engage new markets or launch new products · Adding internal headcount is not an option · New sales messaging is needed to get more doors open We get the right meetings for you so you can focus on what only you can do. We’re excited to see the new website and features launched soon.

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If you want to close more sales, you need to meet more prospects. Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year awardMost companies face a consistent challenge when it comes to sales. Those responsible for business development either don’t have the skills to get in with the right decision makers or their time is better spent on closing sales than opening doors. It’s not easy to get busy, skeptical executives to agree to a date and time. Success requires the skills of seasoned business developers who can “hold their own” in conversations, who are armed with superior sales messaging as well as the best prospects. The Door Opener Service has helped thousands secure executive level meetings in major companies including: P&G, Pfizer, GE, Merck, Verizon, AT&T, Kraft, Target, CBS and the list goes on.

Most companies spend very little time, if any, developing their sales message and making sure it works. We’ve made a science out of it! It’s almost impossible to find Messaging Strategists with deep business development experience who can craft sales language that initiates strong connections with prospects. Our Messaging Strategists design sales language which captures the attention of the right prospects and moves them through the sales process. Our trademarked sales messaging services have been adopted and endorsed by Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up Coaches Worldwide, along with many other organizations.

The Goal of Coaching How helpful would it be if you had an experienced, senior level business developer guide you so you can open more doors and close more sales? Specifically, we will help you organize your sales efforts so you achieve accelerated success for the time you spend selling. We’ll help you!! Who Does The Coaching? Kopp Consulting is a group of exceptionally talented and experienced new business development sales professionals. Each Door Opener® has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in business development and most have also held decision maker roles in corporations. Consulting work will be done by a Kopp Consulting Messaging Strategist or Door Opener.